Tranquil Massage

Ann Mays CMT

Make Massage Part of Your Wellness Program

Massage Specials

In an effort to encourage massage as part of your Wellness program:

Monthly rate is...$55

Biweekly rate is...$50

Weekly rate is...$45 

Offering 15 and 30 min. chair massages for those needing a quick "pick me up."  Also makes a great gift. 

Discounted Rates

Chair Massages

Ann Mays CMT

 Gift certificates available for both table and chair massages.

In an effort to find relief from my own health problems, I was introduced to various types of bodywork.  When those therapies positively impacted my health, I wanted to learn everything I could about therapeutic responses of the body to Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic adjustment, and Energy work. When I decided to pursue Massage Therapy as my career I truly found my passion.  The benefits of massage go beyond relaxation! It is my desire to work as a team with my clients to improve the quality of their health through massage and bodywork.

I am licensed by the Board Of Nursing as a Certified Massage Therapist.